Jeff Dean

Programmer, Boulder, CO

Specializing in Ruby on Rails

Montessori Chef

An iPad app that helps you teach your kids how to cook

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Easily send bookmarks from Mobile Safari to the built-in Reminders App

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Orythe - A Music Theory Tracker

Track your progress learning music theory concepts with this simple, free web app.

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Broadstripes CRM

The ease of a spreadsheet. The power of a database. Constituent management for labor and community organizers.

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Simple finance tracking for single practitioners, such as acupuncturists and massage therapists.

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Pivotal Labs

Discipline. Collaboration. Results. Pivotal Labs creates great software. Pivotal has done it for leading companies, and can do it for you.

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Coming soon! An app designed for agile teams to use during retrospectives with remote team members.

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Blog Posts

March 17, 2012 node - 0 comments

NodeJS seems to be all the rage these days so I thought I'd try to test-drive an app, then deploy it on my CentOS server.

In this post I'll describe how I set the server up for a very simplistic deployment with Apache and Forever.

March 13, 2012 gems - 2 comments

At Broadstripes we have a handful of gems that we use internally, but we don't want to publish them on a public site like In this post, I'll describe how I setup a simple, static gem server with basic auth and a simple capistrano recipe I added to our gems in order to publish them.

March 13, 2012 oracle - 0 comments

In this post I'll describe how you can get setup to develop an app backed by an Oracle database using Ruby on a Mac. Specifically I'll cover:

  • How to install and configure a pre-built VM with Oracle running
  • How to install the Oracle instant client on OSX Lion
  • How to compile a 32-bit version of Ruby 1.9.2 w/ RVM
  • How to connect your Ruby app to the Oracle database using ruby-oci8
November 29, 2011 - 0 comments

I recently wanted to some blog comments through Akismet's spam filter. I noticed that there were a number of plugins and gems on Github, but it seemed to me that it was overkill to add a gem dependency to my app just to make a simple http call. In this post I'll describe how to interact with the Akismet api with a simple, home-rolled Ruby client.

Open Source Contributions

Rails Ruby on Rails

I've contributed several patches to Rails, including the first version of the plugin guide.

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ActiveHash gem

Automated git tag management for continuous integration and multi-stage deployments

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AutoTagger gem

An ActiveRecord-esque class that that lets you use a hash or a Yaml file as a datasource

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